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Mostyn Marketing Group provides digital and traditional marketing, and advertising services to B2C and B2B companies, nonprofits, and other agencies.

We are a Google partner and full-service marketing agency based in Baltimore, MD. Together, our team has more than 3 decades of experience as both in-house and agency-side marketers.

This uniquely positions us to understand the ins and outs of managing a marketing budget in order to provide the best ROI across all channels.

Your success is our goal.
What Do We Do?
We provide a complete range of marketing services. Whether it’s starting a full-scale marketing program from scratch, a strategic overhaul, or just tactics, Mostyn Marketing Group can help your marketing initiatives succeed. Mostyn Marketing Group’s marketing agency services include:

Marketing Strategy and Strategic Planning

Social Media Marketing (Organic and Paid)

Email Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traditional Media – Print, TV, Radio, Direct Mail

Affiliate Marketing

Agency For The Agency (AFTA) Services

Analytics and Marketing Optimization - Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Search Console

Website Analytics and Marketing Optimization

Our team designs and delivers regular analytics reporting to track website traffic, page performance, page load time and user behavior.

Email Marketing

Our team develops email marketing strategies and campaigns to help grow customer loyalty, raise brand recognition and drive conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using a number of tools and methodologies, we develop strategies to help increase search engine ranking for websites.

Agency For The Agency (AFTA)

Sometimes you need expertise. Sometimes you need bandwidth. We give you both with Mostyn Marketing Group’s Agency For The Agency, or “AFTA” program. AFTA allows you to scale your marketing agency services quickly and easily. If a new client is stretching your resources or an existing client wants additional services, our AFTA program is the solution.
What Our Clients Are Saying...
  • "Mostyn Marketing Group opened our eyes to a new way of doing things. They are creative thinkers who understand how to build and grow brand identity. They also know how to talk to their customers in terms they can understand."

    Keith Scott & Rebecca Klein Scott

    TALLsmall Productions
  • "Sharon and the Mostyn Marketing Group team have been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. And best of all, their SEO and Pay Per Click work has produced great results in a short period of time!"

    Shane Poteete

    Built Creative
  • "Sharon has the ability to look at a set of data and instantaneously spit out numerous answers to the 'so what does that mean' question. My experience with Mostyn Marketing Group in one word? Invaluable."

    Erica Starr

    Howard Bank
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